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Yamada Dobby NXT-80XL SHOWCASE


Yamada Dobby

Brandauer is the UK and Republic of Ireland technology showcase partner for Yamada Dobby Europe Ltd.

Brandauer’s world class manufacturing environment has been assigned as a technology showcase partner for Yamada Dobby, where a number of open houses are planned throughout the year.

Requests to visit Brandauer to see the showcase power press and the other world-class equipment and facilities in operation are also welcome.

Yamada Dobby are one of the world’s leading manufacturers and providers of precision power presses. Established in 1919 and supplying precision stamping presses since 1961, they are a well-established Japanese supplier of presses to customers all over the world.

After a lengthy, hands-on review of the market and available power press technologies, Brandauer partnered with Yamada Dobby and installed the NXT 80XL, which is delivering the following benefits:

Cost effective; up to 25% saving over the equivalent competitors equipment
Excellent standard fit equipment (feeds, lighting, interface, tool protection)
Patented repeatability from a double link motion mechanism
More efficient; significant reduction in press setting time
SMED and Industry 4.0 capabilities
Proven low maintenance
2 established Yamada customers in the UK (>5 years), with record low un-planned maintenance
Local European technical and service support in <24 hours

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