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Plumbing & water conservation

Brandauer’s ongoing supply of grab rings for push-fit plumbing systems, used every day, all over the world are stamped in the millions every week at ...


VISI Progress gives Brandauer essential press tool design fluidity for exceptional quality and speed to market

VISI is key to manufacturing all three of Brandauer’s unique tooling standards and fundamental to day to day activities.


Knowledge Transfer Partnership for advanced tooling concepts

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership presented a number of specific technical challenges to the teams at Brandauer and BCU.


A game-changing solution to growing demand

Brandauer’s world class manufacturing environment has been assigned as a technology showcase partner for Yamada Dobby.


Discovering the god particle

CERN is one of the World’s most respected centers for scientific research and Brandauer produced the pumping slot shields inside its Large Hadron Collider.


Supplying 90% of kettle connectors

Otter Controls is a leading supplier of connectors for the small domestic appliances industry and were faced with a difficult tool transfer.



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