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A game-changing solution to growing demand


Yamada Dobby


NXT 80XL Press




The situation

Brandauer is an evolving, 157-year-old family business and one of the world’s leading metal stamping specialists.

Operating from its state-of the-art facility in the UK, the company has implemented a five-year plan to increase capacity, purchasing several new power presses to increase capacity and meet rapid growth from new contracts at home and abroad.

A need for further investment in new capital technology was identified in 2018 to meet anticipated volume increases, provide turn-key solutions and greater production flexibility to meet what has fast become a growing market.

A market for increasingly complex, technically demanding components across the globe.

The solution

The management team at Brandauer were keen to explore all available manufacturer options and drew up a shortlist of three power press providers.

With information taken from each supplier’s technical specifications, they then created a matrix which listed all of the desired technical attributes they felt created the ‘perfect press’, including bed size, tonnage, speed range, automatic setting, service support and associated costs of servicing and spares. Naturally, value for money was also important.

Don Walters, Operations Manager, explained: “We first came across the machine at Blechexpo and were impressed with what we saw. After our initial research on the Yamada NXT 80XL, we highlighted it as a forerunner from our supplier list and decided to take a much closer look to ensure it lived up to its promotional material. The results of this review clearly identified it as a definite option.”

It was at this stage, that Brandauer production specialists arranged a visit to Yamada’s showcase partner in Milan to take a closer look at the machine and tailor specifications to meet their requirements.

Don continued: “Our visit to Italy definitely lived up to expectations and we were impressed with Yamada’s willingness to explore the different ways we could ‘bespoke’ the NXT 80XL, so that it delivered the level of performance we required. The professionalism and knowledge of the sales team was excellent.”

The results

Brandauer, which secured the Queen’s Award for International Trade this year, decided that it had seen enough and invested more than £600,000 into the Yamada NXT 80XL press, which was delivered in 9 months and installed and commissioned within just two days.

It now been in operation for five months and its flexibility was evident from the outset, repeatably producing high-volume parts for the plumbing sector, press-fit terminals, hydrogen fuel cells and electric motor laminations (for use in electric vehicle applications).

The material used in these applications ranges in thickness from 0.2 to 0.8mm demonstrating the 8versatility of a press that also offers the company a 1.5 metre bed and speeds of between 100 and 800 strokes per minute.

Karl Jeavons, Press Shop Team Leader, picked up the story: “The quality is second to none and we run off thousands and thousands of parts every day, thanks in part to the double link motion mechanism that delivers Yamada’s patented repeatability, whilst also helping to prolong the life of the tool.

“What has really impressed us is how easy the press is to set-up and use, reducing the set-up time in some instances from 3.5 hours to 6 minutes. This is due to the simple user interface, which is capable of storing up to 1000 different set-ups. Once the initial setting work is done a semi-skilled setter can take over for all future runs of the same product.

“This massively frees up resource, giving us the ability to move our engineers on to different projects so that we can run jobs simultaneously.”

Karl concluded: “A critical feature of the machine is that setting is now a much less manual task allowing stroke change, pilot release and pitch set with one push of a button. If we find we need to run a production job at a faster speed, but with a smaller stroke, we can programme in the required stroke and the associated settings are automatically adjusted to provide the exact same dimensional control.

“This offers the benefit of a running change made with the push of a button that does not require the tool to be taken out of the press.”

Brandauer’s world class manufacturing environment has been assigned as a technology showcase partner for the UK and ROI for Yamada Dobby, with regular open house events and opportunities to book a facility tours all year round.

Benefits at a glance

  • Cost effective; up to 25% saving over the equivalent competitors’ equipment
  • Excellent standard-fit equipment (feeds, lighting, interface, tool protection)
  • Patented repeatability from a double link motion mechanism
  • Significant reduction in press setting time
  • Proven low maintenance. Two established Yamada customers in the UK have recorded low unplanned maintenance
  • SMED and Industry 4.0 capabilities to futureproof the press
  • Local European technical and service support, with many enquiries successfully met within 24 hours

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