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Discreet Military Reconnaissance




Electrical steel laminations




The FLIR Black Hornet PRS unit measures around 10 × 2.5cm and equips the operator with discreet situational awareness. EO and IR technology bridges the gap between aerial and ground-based sensors, with the same situational awareness as a larger UAV and threat location capabilities of UGVs.

The Black Hornet is extremely light, close to inaudible, and with a flight time up to 25 minutes. The unit is operational as far as 1.6km away and has a top speed of 18km/h. The combat-proven, pocket-sized Black Hornet PRS is capable of transmitting live video and HD stills back to the operator.

In other words, the FLIR Black Hornet is a really, really small drone and Brandauer supply the electrical steel laminations for its miniature motors. It’s designed to be used in law enforcement, search and rescue, and in the military.

The direction for FLIR was clear-cut and simple: lighter, smaller, smarter. Designers in the field of military reconnaissance are up against various challenging design considerations.

Optimal performance, economy and durability are crucial and to achieve this, designers are attempting to balance high strength, low weight, compactness and durability.

It is these qualities that Brandauer consistently mirror in the manufacture of its laminations – laminations that make these new and ultra-precise electric motors run like clockwork. Brandauer stamp electrical steel laminations that are just 0.1 to 0.65mm thick and are consistently accurate to within just 20 microns so FLIR identified the company as an ideal supplier, suited to making a project such as this one a success.

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