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CAD Studio

Brandauer’s CAD designers are integrated into the tool room to make communication between the departments efficient and reactive. Using CAD for complex designs and visualisation of complicated surfaces and assembly of progression tooling is a vital consideration for any metal stamping business.

Brandauer’s CAD studio is kitted out with the most up-to-date software and systems which are vital when dealing with the kind of precision and accuracy required for any given component or tooling specification. Brandauer’s CAD engineers apply their expertise to every project and apply attention to detail every step of the way. They have a deep understanding of engineering design principles and a sound knowledge of material properties, manufacturing processes and assembly methods.

Brandauer house an abundance of creative and problem-solving expertise and the CAD studio is no different. Solutions to seemingly impossible concepts often start with the designers in the CAD studio. They have all the software and technology they need from Solidworks 3D to Visi Progress – a dedicated solution for progressive die design and press tool design.

Industry specific functionality provides a more productive and efficient design experience, helping the designer with intelligent decisions and reducing the potential for error, greatly improving manufacturing productivity.

CAD studio equipment list

Brandauer’s 45,000-square foot facility, allows for over 50 distinct components in production at any one time. With presses operating at 2,000 strokes per minute, you have the potential of millions of components a day at your disposal.

Computer aided design

2 Solidworks 3D 2015
6 VISI 2020 (3 VISI Progress, 2 VISI PEPS Wire, 1 VISI 2D Machining)
1 VISI 2D Machining
1 VISI Part Explore 2019

Visi Progress

Visi Progress is the platform that provides Brandauer with essential press tool design fluidity for exceptional quality and speed to market.

Getting products to market as quickly as possible is often a critical requirement for Brandauer’s customers. When you’re supplying strict time-sensitive industries like the Automotive or Electronics sector with components for high-demand product lines, efficiency is key. It goes without saying that quality cannot be sacrificed and processes, particularly at the press tool design phase need to be well regulated.

There can be many inherent problems at the press tool design stages but with Brandauer’s investment in Visi, those are eliminated. This benefit alone is important in ensuring Brandauer satisfy the increasingly stringent time to market requirements set by customers.

Furthermore, having the capability to share designs with customers remotely and discuss tools in detail becomes another essential route to getting products to market fast.

Visi software offers a full lifecycle end-to-end use, allowing Brandauer to quickly design where elements such as punches and pillars are positioned, and from there construct an entire press tool.

Because it’s not parametric, data issues don’t exist – large file sizes are a thing of the past and design changes can be made to your heart’s content, without associated amendments going unnoticed.

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