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manKIND Visor

UK manufacturing collaboration MAN group has designed and produced an easy to assemble face visor to meet the increased demands for low cost, high quality Personal Protection Equipment.

With 20,000 units already donated to the front-line heroes in the NHS, Brandauer has taken up the mantle of manufacturing for the commercial market, with plans in place to expand the line.

CE marking

The CE marking is granted to the manKIND Visor and is an administrative marking that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.

Cert no. 2777/15416-01/E00-00

Issued by: SATRA Technology

As donated to the NHS

How to assemble your visor

Wash your hands prior to assembly. The visor should be kept in its original packaging prior to use and care should be taken to avoid any unnecessary contamination.


Using a clean dust free surface, carefully remove the protective film from both sides of the screen. Be careful not to rush.


Align the holes of the visor and push the forehead front two ‘pips’ in first, followed by the two side pips to fasten.


Push outside strap through guide tabs on the inside strap. Place on your head and tighten strap until comfortable.

Thanks for the great feedback!

“The visors will certainly be put to good use! They are strong and decent which is great compared to some that we have had!”

“I can personally recommend these visors. I’ve bought enough to see me through for at least a year. or maybe longer, because they are washable!”

“Everyone found them more comfortable than others”

“Just wanted you to know that out of all the visors I have tried, this one is the very best. It’s so easy to put together, but more importantly, for me anyway, the visor wraps around the face far more than any others I have tried and therefore offers far more protection. I will be ordering more of these and will use this type from now on.”

“Thank you for the donation of 150 visors for Dougie Mac, Donna Louise and Approach, enabling us to continue to support our patients and service users during this time.”

The collaborators and developers behind the manKIND Visor.
(Left: Rowan Crozier, Top: Austin Owens, Bottom: Matt Harwood)

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    Important information

    Your manKIND visor instantly provides a barrier of protection from splashes that could affect your nose, mouth and respiratory system.

    The visor DOES NOT provide protection against airborne particles and IS NOT classified as Respiratory Protective Equipment. The visor should be kept in its original packaging prior to use and care should be taken to avoid any unnecessary contamination.

    Your visor can be washed and re-used, and it should be cleaned between uses in accordance with your local requirements.

    When the visor is no longer of use or is contaminated then dispose in the appropriate clinical waste system to avoid further contamination to other surfaces and personnel.