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£500,000 funding boost allows Brandauer to motor forward with cleaner transport technology

November 12, 2020

A Midlands precision stamping specialist is set to play a significant role in the development of cleaner mobility solutions.

Brandauer has been selected to be part of a new consortium led by tech company Saietta, which has won an Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) grant to fast-track production on new electric propulsion motors for use in all vehicles from scooters through to buses.

The unique Axial Flux Traction technology delivers class-leading performance at the price points required for mass market adoption and marks a step-change in how the sector can make electric vehicles go faster for longer.

Production specialists at the Birmingham-based firm will use their thin gauge stamping and progression toolmaking expertise to produce busbars and laminations for use in the state-of-the-art motors.

Nomination secures £500,000 of R&D funding for Brandauer, with the potential to generate up to £1m of new sales in the first twelve months following project completion and more revenues to follow as manufacturing volumes increase.

“Providing cleaner transport is a major global opportunity for the UK and we are delighted to be part of the Saietta consortium to help bring important new technologies to market,” explained Rowan Crozier CEO of Brandauer.

“We are heavily involved in providing specialist busbars and laminates to a number of clients in the electrification field and, this latest project, will give us the perfect platform to use our ‘manufacturing to microns’ expertise to make a major difference in supporting the development of greener vehicles.”

He continued: “Our world class design capabilities and maximum material utilisation approach during the stamping process means we can deliver performance whilst contributing to reduce the weight and cost of the laminations and busbars.”

The APC research contract will enable Saietta to ramp up production capacity to 150,000 motors per annum and trigger the hiring of 150-250 highly skilled engineers in the first round of recruitment.

Saietta will work closely with Brandauer and The AEV Group, a specialist in the manufacture of electrical insulating resins, varnishes and compounds, on refining the process for core motor component manufacturing and motor assembly, thereby delivering a cost effective, highly automated production assembly process.

Wicher Kist, Chief Executive Officer Saietta Group, concluded: “This is a significant day for Saietta. By quickly scaling up operations we can fully capitalise on the commercial opportunity that we know exists.

“Based on the conversations we’ve had, and the projects we’re already involved with, we know that the mass production of our technology will allow us to power a new generation of electric vehicles, in markets around the world, bringing a new era of mobility.”

Established in 1862, Brandauer is one of the West Midlands’ best kept manufacturing secrets, producing millions of high tolerance metal pressings and stampings every week for customers in the plumbing, automotive, domestic products, electrical, medical and renewables sectors.

Most of the products it makes are invisible to the user, but are fundamental in making many everyday items work effectively. These include electrical connectors that are fitted in 90% of the world’s kettles and edge connectors for the dimming of rear-view mirrors in 50% of modern-day cars. New product development is central to the Queen’s Award-winning firm’s approach and over £1m is spent every year on new machinery and R&D to ensure it remains at the forefront of progression tooling, tool transfers and stamping.

Saietta Group

Saietta Group is an established engineering company based in Oxfordshire, England. It specialises in propulsion motors for a broad range of electric vehicles and has engineered break-through, patent-protected, axial-flux motor tech. Saietta provides end-to-end turnkey engineering services to OEMs from market research and product definition, CAE & simulation, e-motor electrical & mechanical integration, prototype build and vehicle testing on 20 miles of private test tracks, low volume production and production process definition.

Advanced Propulsion Centre

The Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) accelerates the industrialisation of technologies which will help to realise net-zero emission vehicles within the automotive sector. This is at the heart of the UK Government’s commitment to end the country’s contribution to global warming by 2050. 

AEV Group

The AEV Group specialise in the manufacture of electrical insulating resins, varnishes and compounds. AEV’s products are used in the manufacture of a wide range of electrical machines and electronics, from domestic appliances to industrial components for the defence, energy and transport industries. The current product range is the result of years of research and development by a highly skilled and dedicated team. Each product has been chemically engineered to deliver advanced performance in its unique application, balanced with responsible sourcing and environmental considerations.

Established in 1982, AEV is a family owned company based and operated in the UK. Through organic growth and acquisition, the AEV brand has evolved into a global group of companies, supplying its range of innovative products from multiple manufacturing locations worldwide.

November 12, 2020

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