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No fear of Brexit as Brandauer confirms its commitment to a host of 2019 European appearances

November 28, 2018

Brandauer’s decision to increase its presence on the exhibition circuit during 2018 paid dividends as awareness in its design and tooling capability for the manufacture of precision metal components spread far and quickly throughout the UK and the rest of Europe. Brandauer recently reviewed its business performance over the past 12 months which confirmed its best results in 10 years – testament to the efforts placed on increasing awareness of the brand and its expertise.

To continue this trajectory, Brandauer has already identified a host of exhibitions which would help cement its position as one of the largest contract presswork and stamping companies in Europe. Despite the uncertainty still surrounding Brexit, Brandauer is adamant that the majority of those exhibitions will take place across Europe, looking for partnerships in the biggest manufacturing regions in the EU.

Staying proactive and confident post-brexit

Brandauer know that things will change. The most appropriate matters to consider at this stage may be access to the market, the movement of people, plus currency and foreign exchange revisions, none of which deter Brandauer from remaining proactive or changing the purpose or planning of its exhibitions.

Opportunity is still huge in Germany, Italy and other big EU manufacturing regions – Brexit or no Brexit, Brandauer will be part of that discussion on export, innovation and new partnerships across Europe.

Brandauer has built up a skilled and flexible workforce, intensified relationships with top universities and industry partners and has an enviable history spanning well over 150 years of engineering excellence on its side. Brandauer is confident that this investment in excellence will carry a lot of weight in any decision-making behind the supply of components as critical as those manufactured at Brandauer and in the UK, whether at home or for projects overseas.

manufacturing brexit - brandauer team

UK manufacturing and export strength

UK manufacturing is still considered to be at the forefront of industry-best design, process and quality, and for proactive manufacturers like Brandauer, there are no plans on slowing down.

Brandauer are in fact planning to increase its investment in the best stamping technology, ensuring that it will (in-turn) continue to compete and thrive with new trading partners in the EU. Strategies for the continuous upskilling of employees and its unique approach to tackling the skills-gap put Brandauer well within pace of any competition, anywhere in the world.

Brandauer exports 75 per cent of its turnover, mostly to non-European markets and so its position and knowledge on exporting under different regulations, time zones and altering currency exchange rates will be crucial in how it partners and works alongside EU customers under any Brexit deal.

Brandauer has always believed that successful exporting can only be secured by innovation and that that can only be achieved by having the right talent, skills and capabilities. This ethos remains as Britain’s decision to leave the EU gets closer – It’s obvious then that UK manufacturers should showcase their expertise and processes at every opportunity.

Exhibition presence across Europe

Making use of well-established and well-run exhibitions in Germany, Italy and Sweden during 2018 gave Brandauer all the confidence it needed to infiltrate the market in the same way during 2019. CWIEME and Blechexpo in Germany sandwich a revisit to Pordenone in Italy for Coiltech, making-up the three exhibitions already secured from May 2019 onwards.

CWIEME reaches more than 100,000 specialised engineers, procurement and business professionals from 50,000 companies worldwide. Connecting and informing the global market, it showcases innovation and new technologies – Areas that Brandauer has identified as crucial in its business model for growth and for showcasing its current precision stamping capabilities.

Notably, CWIEME is a leading event for the supply of electric motor, generator and transformer components. 2018 was a major year for Brandauer and for business opportunities in these areas.

manufacturing brexit

Electrical steel laminations became a regular subject of conversation during the exhibitions across Europe in 2018 and Brandauer remain keen on continuing that conversation. Especially as the market’s growth trajectory continues to be on the up and demand for high quality, micron-precision components becomes a necessity. CWIEME kicks-off Brandauer’s exhibition presence in Europe during 2019 on May 21st-23rd at Messe Berlin.

Coiltech in Italy is an exhibition where Brandauer has previous experience and success. Much like CWIEME, visitors from all over the world attend with a keen interest in the innovative materials, components and machinery available for the production of electric motors, generators and transformers. Coiltech takes place over 2 days in Pardenone in Italy from September 25th.

Blechexpo in Stuttgart is just under a year away, but it has been identified as an ideal opportunity to exhibit for Brandauer, because nowhere else in the world are the process sequences for processing sheet metal, pipe and profiles so well represented.

The tooling capabilities of Brandauer will likely turn heads at Blechexpo, as its 3 unique standards will emphasise the flexibility, expertise and complexity Brandauer has to offer. Blechexpo takes place between 5th-8th November 2019.

The UK opportunity will be just as important

The three exhibitions secured across Europe will be preceded by Brandauer’s presence at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics in February, considered the most comprehensive annual industrial exhibition in the UK and importantly, a major pan-European showcase for new manufacturing technologies, tooling and components.

Brandauer look forward to standing with fellow UK manufacturers and welcoming business opportunities with local and European markets. Southern Manufacturing & Electronics in Farnborough takes place between February 5th-7th 2019.

Brandauer continues to invest, continues to scope out business overseas and continues to stand alongside the biggest market-players on the European stage. The most important thing for Brandauer is that it continues to act upon its vision – an aim to be recognised as the leading independent high-precision metal component specialist in Europe.


If you would like more information on Brandauer’s presence at any of the exhibitions mentioned, you can call a precision metal stamping expert on +44 (0)121 359 2822 or email Full exhibition details and links below.



Southern Manufacturing & Electronics

Farnborough, GU14 6X, United Kingdom

5th – 7th February 2019

Stand E190

About | Tickets | Getting there



Messe Berlin, D-14055 Berlin, Germany

21st – 23rd May 2019

Stand 22F13

About | Tickets | Getting there



Pordenone Fiere – Viale Treviso, 1 – 33170 Pordenone, Italy

25th – 26th September 2019

Stand TBC

About | Tickets | Getting there



Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH, Messepiazza 1, 70629 Stuttgart, Germany

5th – 8th November 2019

Stand TBC

About | Tickets | Getting there

November 28, 2018

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