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Press Tooling – Brandauer offer 3 unique standards

June 29, 2018

Brandauer’s press tooling expertise is a long time in the making. From Brandauer’s beginnings over 150 years ago making small press tools for hand-pressing the best pen nibs in the world, to manufacturing complex modular tool designs that can produce millions of micro components per day, tooling has always been an integral part of our capability and process.

High-volume metal component manufacturing begins with having the right press tooling for the job. They comprise a great deal of the average production cost, but have a direct impact on output capacity, reduced downtime, product quality and longevity; in other words, your products are worth more with the proper tooling.

That’s why Brandauer has invested in the technology to offer a complete tooling service for our customers: we prototype, design and produce press tools in-house, and even offer a specialist tool transfer service.

We offer 3 progression press tooling standards depending on the requirements of the job:

1. Standard fixed

2. Precision

3. Modular

Press tooling technology

Brandauer has invested hundreds of thousands of pounds into having the best technology for the in-house design and manufacture of progression tooling. We are the proud owners of multiple Agie Charmilles wire EDM machines, fully integrated with CAD/CAM; machines which are extremely rare in the UK and showcase our commitment to continuous improvement and investment in new and innovative technology. Our wide array of tooling options wouldn’t be possible without them. Furthermore, our design stage benefits from bespoke CAD software, including Visi Vero 3D.

Tool Transfer

Through our investment in providing the services needed to produce new tools, we have not forgotten the complications that can occur when refurbishing and transferring existing press tooling. That’s why we offer our specialist tool transfer service, with a free 15-hour tooling inspection, starting off our refined 5 step process:

This pre-proven service is designed to help you achieve the transfer of established press tools with the minimum of inconvenience and as little disruption to production as possible.

After examining and assessing your tools and producing a professional tool status report, our experts can repair any badly maintained or worn tooling as required or alter it to meet the required specification.

We apply the same technical and engineering skill to the transfer and refurbishment of existing tooling as we do to the development of new tooling. With our skills and technology, we can minimise future maintenance and downtime with all the associated costs and inconveniences.

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June 29, 2018

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