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Reshoring tooling for much needed reassurance

June 2, 2020

There’s no doubt that reshoring is a hot topic and why wouldn’t it be? We’ve come to realise as a nation just how important manufacturing is. It may have taken a pandemic and a seismic disruption to all of our lives, but covid-19 has let surface what the SME community in particular has been adamant on ever since China really cemented its place as a manufacturing powerhouse – the fact that manufacturing is key to our economy and the more that finds its way overseas, the less resilient it becomes.

Today, it isn’t just key but vital to our recovery. Britain’s place as a world leader in manufacturing and innovation doesn’t just require the community coming together, it needs the government’s backing with a new industrial strategy.

We can however start making waves and presenting the UK manufacturing offer in all its glory right now. Brandauer is fully behind the growing momentum to re-establish production in the UK and protect SME manufacturing.

Brandauer has been doing that very thing since its inception in 1862 but promoting UK made, UK networks and UK innovation finds a new level of priority today.

De-risk and benefit

Brandauer has been fully operational during the pandemic with key supplier work and a sharp increase in demand from customers looking to transfer tooling and de-risk, lift disruptions in the supply chain and benefit from the type of efficiencies and gains previously untapped when the demand was fulfilled in low cost economies overseas.

The sudden need to bring production home is a result of the obvious frailties enhanced by the pandemic and understanding that we can no longer rely on overseas supply of strategically critical manufacturing, components, and items.

Brandauer has referred to the components it makes as the little things that make the big things work. Brandauer components are critical in the daily lives of us all – from your morning routine to how you travel. Whilst it all fits in the palm of your hand, don’t be fooled into thinking that its importance is also small.

When components such as those manufactured at Brandauer are sourced overseas, not only does the question of quality and longevity surface, but when supply is blocked as it has been during the pandemic, products don’t get made. A risk that businesses are realising is not worth taking any longer.

Bringing manufacturing home looking like a more competitive argument

There’s little difference these days in landed costs from China and that of the cost in highly automated techniques developed in the UK. Brandauer’s interchangeable modular tooling is a prime example and the first blog in this series would be a good place to realise the benefits of this particular press tooling standard.

Further reading

Expanded tooling capabilities tackling cost, lead time and reshoring challenges

Through the publication of a series of ‘mini blogs’, Brandauer will be exploring some of the added value benefits derived from its tooling service.

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Manpower costs in low-cost countries is on the rise, dulling its pull as a decision factor and when considered alongside the rising demand for shorter lead times, a move towards automation and digitalisation, not to mention the ongoing issue of the  environmental impact and carbon footprint awareness, local supply chains look very enticing.

Brandauer operate a dual sourcing strategy that further de-risks on possible disruptions within the supply chain. That could be the availability of raw materials, access to specialist finishing and other treatment services or modes of delivery.

Whilst it seems straight-forward, any big change in process, readdressing supply or refocusing strategies is anything but. Brandauer therefore continues to remain flexible and offers unique solutions to the supply and particularly the management of tooling.

Benefits of a LCC tooling manufacture but with managed risks

Brandauer have worked with customers who have purchased low-cost tools, all of which is managed and organised by Brandauer, utilising a rigorous analysis of overseas and or low cost country (LCC) options but benefit from UK manufacturing efficiencies and quality by running the tools in the Brandauer facility. Solutions such as these offer a best of both worlds approach that tackles possible disruptions down the line, keeps costs lower but keeps your supply chain closer to home.

We would love your response to our reshoring survey

There are immediate issues we as an industry and community of manufacturers need to address: Risks in the supply chain and associated barriers that are causing long lead-times, high inventory, high landed costs, slow reaction to changes in demand and an over reliance on overseas low-cost economies that are taking their toll on UK manufacturing during the unprecedented covid-19 restrictions.

Brandauer remains fully operational with key worker status and busy helping manufacturers re-shore critical tooling requirements during these difficult times of covid related supply chain disruption. In-house tooling capabilities are mitigating risk in the long-term.

We’re interested to know how you and your business is navigating the current climate. Would you be willing to spend a couple of minutes on our quick 6-question survey? If so, you can find it embedded at the bottom of this post or can open it in a new tab by clicking here.

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        June 2, 2020

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