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Servitisation, consultation and legislation – a transformation journey

October 6, 2020

Even before the effects of covid-19, Brandauer was undertaking a kind of transformation journey, developing capabilities that would supplement its core competencies. Servitisation is perhaps the perfect term to describe the evolution of the business in recent times but the opportunities to further evolve have been sped up since the covid situation forced manufacturers like Brandauer to pivot and reprioritise.

As has been pointed out in the blogs leading up to this, Brandauer has developed a unique product and tooling offer, something that started when becoming the only UK supplier of EloPin® Press-Fit in 2016 and has since added to the portfolio with a number of specialist tooling standards, Electrical Steel Laminations, and the acquisition of CB Cable Clips.

Covid has projected the business further into the world of PPE with face mask nose clips designed and stamped in-house, learning from extensive experience stamping them for world-leading PPE suppliers. The manKIND visor, a collaborative endeavour involving various members of the Manufacturing Assembly Network is a protective face shield which saw its first run of 20,000 donated to the NHS. Brandauer has since commercialised the visor, making it available to anyone with an ebay account.

This focus on developing own product ranges and capabilities unique to the business require an integrated solution-based service. Brandauer is constantly evolving its service so that it delivers more value and is more than product and component offerings, but instead is a bespoke solution tailored to customer use.

Services and solutions

Areas of note would include Brandauer’s consultancy service, which is being used by customers when developing their own products. These customers have access to decades of product development experience, tooling expertise and ways in which to improve design. Brandauer’s experience with commercial products such as the Cable Clip and PPE ranges are also proving beneficial.

As a founding member of the Manufacturing Assembly Network, Brandauer can also call on experts in any number of different manufacturing disciplines, as well as academic bodies and funding organisations.

Tooling is another area in which customers consult the experts at Brandauer for troubleshooting, analysis, and diagnosis. The experience and know-how of expert tool designers and makers combine to improve productivity, reduce machine cycle times, and ensure the most challenging and complex parts are produced at the highest quality standards. This age-old Brandauer capability is still sought-after today and access to its knowledgebase is opened-up through this consultative approach.

Legislation drives product demand and development

Since the ease of lockdown, the list of places and situations by which face coverings have become mandatory has grown significantly. It is now required by law to be worn in many settings. The demand is exponential and ensuring that products meet the highest standards is more important than ever with the threat of covid and protecting not just key workers and NHS staff but also the public.

Brandauer has received extremely positive feedback on the manKIND visor from hospitals, pharmacies, care homes, and public users but is still looking at ways to continuously improve the product in-line with any specific legislation.

manKIND Visor

UK manufacturing collaboration MAN group has designed and produced an easy to assemble face visor to meet the increased demands for low cost, high quality Personal Protection Equipment.

Another area where legislation is driving development is the Cable Clips range and Brandauer will be openly pursuing partnerships with manufacturers to develop a fire-retardant variant.

The latest electrical regulations for buildings require cables to be adequately supported against their premature collapse in the event of a fire and whilst the metallic body of Brandauer’s clips meet requirements, there is room for improvement in the fixing method.

Brandauer hope that by collaborating with a suitable partner, an alternative to the self-adhesive strip used to fix the clips can be designed to fully adhere to electrical regulations.

Brandauer welcome direct communication on this and hope to continue the collaborative approach adopted by the UK manufacturing community in its fightback against covid-19 but for another cause designed to keep people safe. If you’re interested in collaboration, use the form below.

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    October 6, 2020

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