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Take a tour of the facility in this new video showcase

May 13, 2021

Take an in-depth tour of the Brandauer facility in this informative video capturing capability, capacity, and added-value service wrapped up in over 6 minutes of new footage.

Brandauer has built a reputation for engineering excellence since its inception in 1862, constantly investing in the future of UK manufacturing and applying the most precise approach to metal stamping. Today, Brandauer is splitting microns at its facility in Birmingham and it is this kind of precision that brings Brandauer’s capabilities in the manufacture of pressed metal components to the fore. 

Offering the complete range of services required for the supply of precision stamped metal components from consultation, prototyping, design and in-house tool production through to high-quality manufacturing and logistics, the new video is a celebration of all of these things.

May 13, 2021

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