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The need for power press speed

April 22, 2021

There’s nothing quite like witnessing a high-speed power press. A feat of engineering that marries a number of advanced stamping disciplines together for the ultimate display of precision.

Some of the world’s most complex metal components are needed in very high quantities. Presses that solve the quantity requirements are those that can consistently stamp the highest quality outcome, whether loose parts or reel to reel, at speeds sometimes knocking on the door of 1,200 strokes per minute (SPM).

Brandauer operate a number of high-speed Yamada Dobby and Bruderer presses designed specifically for the manufacture of complex metal components which are required in the millions, or even billions, every year.

Whilst the sight of sheet metal feeding a press running at this magnitude is a sight to behold in itself, it is the components forming out the other side that provide the real showstopper to onlookers. We’re not talking simple forms for simple applications here, but ultra-precise parts for electric motors, copper alloy connector pins and complex non-ferrous interconnects, insert mouldable fretwork and 0.15mm stainless steel razor blade substrates to name but a few.

The teams behind the scenes

Access to the very best in power press technology is of the utmost importance when you’re dealing in the millions and part precision is paramount. Brandauer’s ongoing investment into state-of-the-art equipment allows the latest in bespoke modular manufacturing systems for pre-forming, stamping and in-die riveting/tapping. But Brandauer’s investment extends well beyond cutting edge technology, with just as much resource and attention focused on the ongoing development of world-class manufacturing processes, quality management systems and the best talent.

Behind every component is an expert designer, toolmaker, press-setter, and quality engineer. Every job key to satisfying various stringent industry demands:


Brandauer’s CAD design workstations are integrated into the tool room to make communication between the departments efficient and reactive. Using CAD for complex designs and visualisation of complicated surfaces and assembly of progression tooling is a vital consideration for any metal stamping business.

With bespoke industry-specific systems and dedicated solutions for progressive die design and press tool design, Brandauer designers benefit from a more productive and efficient design experience, helping to make intelligent decisions and reducing the potential for error, greatly improving manufacturing productivity.


Brandauer’s expert toolmakers are some of the business’ longest standing employees and their 150 years’ combined know-how is now influencing a new generation of toolmakers, preserving Brandauer’s specialist tooling capability into the future.

Brandauer pride itself on the quality and longevity of its unique tooling standards and tooling transfers which run consistently in presses (10 to 1,200 strokes per minute) for longer than 25 years.

Press setting

Brandauer offer a press range from 5T to 125T. Alongside the range of Yamada Dobby, Bruderer and Haulick Roos power presses (18T – 125T), the facility also comprises of Hydraulic and Hydro-Pneumatic 5 Tonne Hare Presses, Seyi (25T – 80T) and Minster (45T – 60T) Power Presses.

To satisfy high volume, provide turn-key solutions and greater production flexibility to meet what has fast become a growing market for complex, technically demanding components across the globe, Brandauer has invested in the latest press technology.

Demonstrated most directly when the company was assigned as a technology showcase partner for Yamada Dobby. This absolutely ensures that Brandauer stay ahead in providing the latest production technology and is benefiting immensely from doing so.

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A game-changing solution to growing demand

Brandauer’s world class manufacturing environment has been assigned as a technology showcase partner for Yamada Dobby.

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What has really impressed Brandauer press setters is how these investments reduce the set-up time –  in some instances from 3.5 hours to 6 minutes, with user interfaces capable of storing up to 1000 different tool set-ups. Setting now involves much less manual work and allows stroke change, pilot release and pitch set with one push of a button. If the press needs to run a production job at a faster speed, but with a smaller stroke, it can be programmed in and the associated settings automatically adjusted to provide the exact same dimensional control.

Quality inspection

When stamping metal components to micron precision, quality is extremely important; the overall goal is for every stage of the manufacturing process from design through to manufacture and shipment to be completely defect free. For this to be the case, the most stringent quality standards are applied and adhered to.

A multitude of advanced technology and systems are operated by Brandauer’s dedicated quality teams; from satisfying the demand for high accuracy and vast performance in the field of non-contact dimensional measurement to hardness testing, in-line inspection, traceability, and computer aided analysis.

UK manufacturing at its best

If you’ve ever visited the Brandauer facility, you will be accustomed to the sights and sounds of a press shop and its machines running at high speed and stamping components in vast quantities. The process is a fascinating one, as are the components being pressed.

But it is important to appreciate everything that happens to get to that point of manufacture and appreciate the people involved. Running at these speeds for components so complex in such high quantities and doing it successfully is testament to the people of Brandauer and their skill levels.

When you see a press operating at Brandauer’s facility, what you’re actually seeing is in-house, technology, skills, experience and expertise combining to showcase UK manufacturing at its very best.

April 22, 2021

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