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The only UK supplier of EloPin® Press-Fit

May 18, 2018

At Brandauer, we know the importance of reliable connections when working with PCBs. While press-fit connectors have always been an appealing alternative to soldering, they can cause mechanical stress on the PCB, with a “nozzle effect” that leaves the PCB deformed over repeated use.

That’s why TBS Sorig developed EloPin®, a groundbreaking press-fit product that enables a solderless, gas-tight and reliable connection of pins / connectors to a PCB.

As the only manufacturer in the UK with a license to supply EloPin®, coupled with a vast history of precision manufacturing, Brandauer are in prime position to satisfy all press-fit pin requirements.

In our partnership, Brandauer expect to produce millions of components every year for customers involved in automotive electronics and those looking for increased efficiency and robustness in interconnects.



The benefits of EloPin®

Although easy to insert, EloPin® is designed to have a high push-out force; this ensures high mechanical stability and a secure, gas-tight connection. It has high elastic recovery to prevent accidental breakage.

Developed with durability in mind, EloPin® is suitable for engine compartment accessories in temperatures from -40°C, all the way to 150°C. EloPin® finds some of its most effective uses when applied to the various electronic systems found ‘under the bonnet,’ and is usable in overmoulded hybrid parts, thanks to low electrical resistance.

EloPin® is PoHS compliant and has been certified to DIN EN 60352-5 and PAT No. 19831672 standards, so adhering to the most stringent manufacturing requirements is covered – The peace of mind OEM and Tier 1 automotive device manufacturers will want, not to mention satisfying global environmental initiatives.

Further applications for EloPin® technology within the automotive sector, beyond the mentioned body electronics, could be vehicle comfort systems, driver assistance technology, in-vehicle network and infotainment systems, as well as powertrain and safety systems.

EloPin® is not restricted to the automotive sector of course. Brandauer are seeing more and more applications in the electronics sector where the customer is looking to eliminate the soldering operation in assembly all together – EloPin® is satisfying those obligations.


The geometry of EloPin®

The legs of EloPin® have been designed to create relatively soft areas (A,B) to allow for plastic deformation and a relatively hard area (C) to maintain the curved contact form after insertion.

elopin-compliance pin-geometry

This leads to a smooth, low level push-in force and helps to maintain good elasticity. The low press-in force means that it is not only easy to fit, but that it causes minimal stress to the PCB in the process.

The stamped impression (1) around the eye of the needle increases the stability of the contact (larger cross section, t-beam effect) and helps to achieve high elasticity.

The outside radii (2) create a tin pocket by displacing the stamped material to the outside. Displaced tin is not pushed out of the PTH upon insertion, but remains in this pocket.

The radii also help to protect the PTH (no sharp edges) and helps to achieve the best possible contact area geometry.


Why use Brandauer?

Brandauer is a proven EloPin® technology partner with 20 years’ experience of stamping press-fit components. We know quality when we see it, and EloPin® represents the next step in press-fit technology.

EloPin® benefits from our rapid lead times, along with precision strip and inline inspection to ensure the very best quality. Brandauer have a proven supply chain for raw material with local selective plating, and our in-house precision tooling and design ensures that we can consistently produce products to micron precision.

Based in the heart of the West Midlands, our status as the only UK supplier of EloPin® means that we are your choice for quality UK manufactured components. Contact us with your bespoke EloPin® requirements today.


May 18, 2018

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