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Expanded tooling capabilities tackling cost, lead time and reshoring challenges

May 4, 2020

Brandauer’s tooling standards are well publicised, ever since their inception during an exclusive knowledge transfer partnership with Birmingham City University, through to updates on their ongoing improvements and innovations.

Through the publication of a series of ‘mini blogs’, Brandauer will be exploring some of the added value benefits derived from these standards and the capabilities fine-tuned over decades of supplying the world with precision stamped components through its press tool offering.

What will the series cover?

The Modular tooling standard will be the core focus and this blog looks in detail at one very specific capability: the changeover module and its wider benefits.

The series will also cover an angle on reshoring, which during these times of business pain relating to supply chain gaps and engaging sources closer to home, is an area where Brandauer have a track record of delivering. The series will look at the short-term need for reshoring and the mitigation of risk it offers in the long-term.

Furthermore, an overview of the tooling capability and standards promise will be covered, including Brandauer’s unique tool transfer service as well as the one-off machining capability serving customers with very low volume precision tool parts, jigs and fixtures.

Changeover tooling keeps you running, cuts cost and delivers reduced lead times

Brandauer’s Modular tooling standard and its SMED capability offers much reduced changeover times.

Many of Brandauer’s longest running components utilise its modular tooling and SMED capability to ensure optimum press running time, uninterrupted production during tool maintenance and reductions in waste during the manufacturing process.

But that’s not all…

The capability has evolved into a cost saving measure and one which offers reduced lead times on orders. In fact when it comes to cost, Brandauer can draw from recent examples of modular precision stamping dies that guaranteed a run of 300,000,000 pieces with the tool costing less than £0.0003 per part produced!

It is the same cost saving and lead time benefits that are also complimenting two of Brandauer’s product lines directly: the supply of electrical steel laminations and EloPin® press-fit terminals.

Quick Tooling of Electrical steel laminations

The capability is thanks to the tool standard’s interchangeable inserts or modules. Lamination lead times, for example are down from the industry norm, typically 20+ weeks to just 8 with a Brandauer modular tool. And the customer only invests in the cutting elements, which are then inserted into a Brandauer-owned die set.

The customer no longer has to make the commitment to invest in full progression press tools for one or varying component profiles.

Current capability allows for two sizes: up to 50mm diameter and 50mm – 160mm diameters. Alongside menu pricing, Brandauer can use the capability to offer production representative stamped edge samples and guarantee low to medium volumes quickly. A capability unique to the industry.

Electrical Steel Laminations

Brandauer’s high-demand electrical steel laminations are integral in some of the world’s most ambitious products.

EloPin® and pin variants

Equally, the changeover module is utilised effectively in the stamping of EloPin® press-fit components. A press-fit pin enables the solderless connection of the pins to a PCB and clients often approach Brandauer with different pin variants for the same assembly. A  changeover module allows for the almost seamless running of different pin variants during production without the need for dedicated die-sets.

By investing in the cutting elements for each and swapping them out using a Brandauer die set, the benefits of SMED are coupled with big cost savings and engineering efficiencies that are second to none.


Brandauer is the proud, full-service supplier and the only UK supplier of EloPin® Press-Fit.

Modular tooling at a glance

Contact Brandauer to discuss modular tooling, reshoring opportunities or tool transfer services

Brandauer is fully operational and busy helping manufacturers reshore critical tooling requirements during these difficult times of covid related supply chain disruption. Fix your short-term need for reshoring and mitigate risk in the long-term by speaking to our tool transfer experts.

The transfer process that Brandauer has established to meet the most stringent time constraints and best-practice diagnostics and recommendations includes a free 15-hour tooling inspection at the earliest phase. Request yours today.

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        May 4, 2020

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