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Why work for an SME?

October 22, 2014

An SME (Small or Medium-sized Enterprise) employs fewer than 250 people and can be viewed as an important growth area for graduate recruitment and experienced professionals alike.

Working for an SME is going to get your ideas heard. Your individual input will have a visible impact on the running and performance of the business and a tight-knit enterprise means it’s easy to get to know everybody; staff and clients alike. Real hands-on experience and higher expectations mean that individuals gain a clearer understanding of the business as a whole and it will open up opportunities for more contact with senior members of the organisation.




More responsibility and the expectation to cope with a variety of tasks will open up career advancing opportunities and because of the organisational structure of an SME, salaries can rise more rapidly.

Read our interview below with Stuart Berry, former Brandauer apprentice and recently appointed Team Leader of New Tooling Introduction for more reasons as to why working for an SME could advance your career.


Interview with Stuart Berry

Where did you go to school and did you always want to do engineering?

I got my GCSEs and A-Levels at Darlaston Community School. Doing practical things was always a preferred career path, but I wasn’t 100% sure which type of manufacturing discipline I wanted to pursue.

What was your first step into industry?

MG Rover took me on as an Apprentice Manufacturing Engineer. Unfortunately, it only lasted eight months before they let me go due to their impending closure.

When did you join Brandauer and how has your career progressed?

After the disappointment of MG Rover I was delighted to be invited to complete my
apprenticeship with Brandauer back in 2005. From here, I have continued to benefit from ongoing training and have recently been funded to complete my BEng Hons Degree in the Management and Manufacturing Systems at Birmingham City University. This was completed in my spare time and during day release and I’m pleased to say I managed to get a 1st class degree with honors.

What do you like about working for a small manufacturer?

Every day is different and you definitely feel more involved. I’ve been here nearly ten years now and have worked across numerous parts of the business, meaning I’ve picked up lots of skills that my counterparts will not have done. This has included working on some of the latest technology, such as our £1m new wire EDM cell and on the manufacturing system we are currently integrating into the business.
My current role is Team Leader of New Tooling Introduction, which involves me managing four people and ensuring tooling projects are implemented quickly and effectively. I get involved with new tooling at the earliest possible stage and, being part of a small company and not one employing thousands of people, I also get to see the finished product before it’s delivered to the customer.

Future aspirations?

Quite simply, I want to be Brandauer’s next Chief Executive Officer…sorry Rowan.


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October 22, 2014

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