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One-off precision machined components and assemblies

Supported by its engineering and toolroom departments, Brandauer utilise its soft and hard machining areas, alongside its unique Wire EDM service to produce one-off precision machined parts, jigs, fixtures and press and mould tool spares for its customers.

Brandauer’s one-off bespoke machining capability draws from its proven approach to precision press tooling solutions; producing complex progression tools that are capable of manufacturing millions of components every day. Within its Wire EDM cell, Brandauer can machine one-off tool parts with wires of diameters greater than 0.1 mm with an component accuracy of +/- 1 micron.

Hard machining, quick-turn plate manufacture and EDM hole burning are requirements met through the tool room’s integrated machining departments with micron accurate surface grinding capabilities up to a length of 1m and CNC Milling up to 1m2. Brandauer can further accommodate low volume CNC turning requirements to exact specifications.

Precision is again crucial and Brandauer employ dedicated machinists and grinders with the knowledge and skills necessary to produce repeatable, one-off machined assemblies, tool fixtures and associated machined parts. Consistently working to micron tolerances across a range of machining techniques, Brandauer’s low volume and one-off machining capability is industry-unique.

Machining capabilities at a glance

  • Jigs & fixtures
  • Press & mould tool spares
  • One-off bespoke machining
  • Hard metal machining
  • Plate manufacture
  • EMD hole burning
  • Surface grinding up to 1m
  • OPG
  • Wire EDM (0.1mm dia. wire smallest)
  • Low batch CNC turning
  • CNC milling up to 1m square

Machining equipment list

Brandauer’s 45,000-square foot facility, allows for over 50 distinct components in production at any one time. With presses operating at 2,000 strokes per minute, you have the potential of millions of components a day at your disposal.

Soft machining section

1 Milling Machine
1 Mikron VC750 CNC
1 GF Mikron 800 PRO
2 Lathes
1 Drilling Machine
1 Addison Band Saw
1 Startrite Power Saw
1 Radial Driller

Wire EDM

2 GF AgieCharmilles CUT 3000
1 GF AgieCharmilles CUT E600
1 GF AgieCharmilles DRILL 20
1 ACTSpark SP1 Spark Eroder

Hard machining section

3 Jones & Shipman 1400 surface grinders
1 Jones & Shipman 1400E surface grinder (CNC)
1 Jones & Shipman 540X surface grinder (CNC)
1 Andmar YSG-1224 TS
1 Andmar YSG-1640 TS
4 Micro-hite Microprocessor Gauging Machines
1 Mitutoyo Projectors with Digital Display

End-to-end tooling capability

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Machining Enquiry or Request a Facility tour

Brandauer want to hear about your bespoke one-off machining requirements and the problems you face with finding a solution to your engineering and production barriers – be it design capability, tooling solutions or specific component specifications.

Facility tours are available by request and are actively encouraged to get an understanding of the breadth of factory capability that represents modern manufacturing at its cleanest, most efficient and best. You can request an invite to tour the entire facility using the form below.

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