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Manufacturer of the original self-adhesive cable clip

Cable Clips (by Brandauer) manufacture and supply; Open Arm, Buckle, Hook and Ribbon clips for a wide range of industries, with over 50 years’ experience in cable installation fixing and tidying solutions.

All products are ready to use and benefit from easy-peel functionality across the range for quick, self-adhesive application.

The Cable Clips range of self-adhesive solutions offers a quick, strong and economical method of fixing round, bunched or ribbon cables easily, without causing damage to clean and dry surfaces.

The adhesive is strong, durable and acts instantly for easy installation.

The PE foam is coated with a very high performance adhesive on both sides, giving outstanding shear performance.

The manufacture of the product range is controlled by an approved ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001. All goods are RoHS compliant.

Open Arm Clips

Clip No.Dim. ADim. BDim. CMax. cable/s dia.Colour

Buckle Clips

Clip No.Dim. ADim. BDim. CDim. DMax. cable/s dia.Colour
ACC0563.5mm35.8mm12.0mm6.4mm13.0mm Aluminium
ACC0689.0mm44.5mm16.3mm8.0mm19.0mm Aluminium

Hook Clips

Clip No.Dim. A Dim. B Dim. C Dim. D Dim. EColour
ACC08/08PK16.0mm16.0mm41.0mm5.0mm25.0mm Aluminium/White

Ribbon Clips

Clip No.Dim. A Dim. BCable width

White tape specification

A very strong high density closed cell polyethylene foam, coated on both sides with a very high performance cross linked rubber adhesive, protected by a siliconized release liner.

  • Good gap-filling between slightly uneven materials
  • Very high adhesion to most common materials
  • RoHS compliant
  • Good adhesion copes well with difficult surfaces and conditions
  • High shear and foam strength for mounting and holding
  • Good long-term ageing and resistance to water
  • Outstandingly reliable general-purpose product
Production advantages
  • Clean and simple to use
  • Quick and efficient application
  • Consistent adhesive coating thickness
  • Instant adhesion and consistent performance
  • No hazardous fumes or drying and curing times
  • Ready for the next part of the application process
  • No contamination of other surfaces
Temperature range
Static shear results to steel
180° Peel adhesion results to steel
Typical surface adhesion values

Alternative designs & applications

Alternative designs and/or applications are available upon request. Use the ‘Your enquiry’ text section in the form below to specify requirements.


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