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Tool Room

The Brandauer tool room hosts both soft and hard machining sections and boasts the best in toolmaking technology. Brandauer’s expert toolmakers are some of the business’ longest standing employees and their 100 years’ of combined know-how is now influencing a new generation of toolmakers, preserving Brandauer’s specialist tooling capability into the future.

The tool room is one of the unique selling points of the Brandauer facility and offers a clear and differentiating benefit – the integration of all progressive tooling requirements from design and development through to full-scale production and maintenance. Brandauer’s bespoke toolroom manufacturing and design system ensures the tool room is seamlessly connected to the Wire EDM cell and CAD studio, making communication and process efficiency matchless.

This connectivity is vital and investment in technology such as Visi Progress for progressive die design and press tool design is one area that brings these connections to the fore.

Visi Progress allows multiple benefits to surface for both Brandauer and its customers. The software is installed and utilised in the Brandauer CAD studio and its industry specific functionality provides a more productive and efficient design experience, helping the tool designer with intelligent decisions and reducing the potential for error, greatly improving manufacturing productivity.

Also integrated is the wire EDM cell which utilises micron level state-of-the-art technology that is currently very rare in the UK. This investment allows for a much more accurate tool manufacture, unmatched anywhere else in the UK.

Brandauer pride itself on the quality and longevity of its unique tooling standards and tooling transfers which run consistently in presses (10 to 1,200 strokes per minute) for longer than 25 years.

Tool room equipment & machinery list

Brandauer’s 45,000-square foot facility, allows for over 50 distinct components in production at any one time. With presses operating at 2,000 strokes per minute, you have the potential of millions of components a day at your disposal.

Computer aided design

2 Solidworks 3D 2015
6 VISI 2020 (3 VISI Progress, 2 VISI PEPS Wire, 1 VISI 2D Machining)
1 VISI 2D Machining
1 VISI Part Explore 2019

Soft machining section

1 Milling Machine
1 Mikron VC750 CNC
1 GF Mikron 800 PRO
2 Lathes
1 Drilling Machine
1 Addison Band Saw
1 Startrite Power Saw
1 Radial Driller

Wire EDM

2 GF AgieCharmilles CUT 3000
1 GF AgieCharmilles CUT E600
1 GF AgieCharmilles DRILL 20
1 ACTSpark SP1 Spark Eroder

Hard machining section

3 Jones & Shipman 1400 surface grinders
1 Jones & Shipman 1400E surface grinder (CNC)
1 Jones & Shipman 540X surface grinder (CNC)
1 Andmar YSG-1224 TS
1 Andmar YSG-1640 TS
4 Micro-hite Microprocessor Gauging Machines
1 Mitutoyo Projectors with Digital Display

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