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New Product Introduction (NPI)

Brandauer’s new product introduction (NPI) capability and dedicated working space covers the complete process of conceptualising parts and products through to full-scale manufacture and delivery.

A core aspect and one which is uniquely capable through the investment in advanced CAD software, is bespoke progression tooling and process design, built and measured against various contract and application specific considerations. Brandauer hold the ability to transform a market opportunity into a viable stamped solution. The product can be tangible (like a component) or intangible (like a process, service or concept).

NPI requires an extensive knowledge in the field of engineering and understanding the needs and wants of the customer. The competitive industry environment, cost, time and quality are all specific variables that often drive customer need and Brandauer aim to provide the best engineered solution to exceed expectations in all of these areas.

The process utilised at Brandauer is one which is derived from years of engineering experience and is a tried and tested model. Brandauer are experts when it comes to introducing components and processes of true complexity.

Innovation and precision are key competencies of the business and the development of continuous improvement practices and strategies help to turn seemingly impossible stamped requirements into tangible stamped solutions.

Project management plays a big role in ensuring that the NPI process is smooth and communicated precisely.

Project management

Dedicated project managers are assigned to every new project at Brandauer, giving the customer confidence that attention to detail is applied every step of the way.

Every stage of the project is reported on and shared with the customer, maintaining regular and clear communications. Project managers will act as a customer’s single point of contact, they will produce the project plans in-line with specific requirements and liaise directly with Brandauer designers, engineers and suppliers to ensure every project runs smoothly and on time.

For the efficient management of a project, the relevant and associated team members have access to state-of-the-art IT systems and management software, including Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

NAV is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) application and is used to assist with and connect different disciplines in the management of a project including; finance, manufacturing, customer relationship management, supply chains, analytics and electronic commerce.

Brandauer build long-lasting relationships with its clients and have invested heavily into the systems and people that help make every project successful, on time and in budget.

Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) is used to ensure that automotive (and for those requesting it non-automotive) customers can be confident in the quality of supply and in the production processes utilised at Brandauer.

The PPAP process demonstrates that Brandauer has developed specific design and manufacturing operations to meet the client’s exact requirements, minimising the risk of failure by effective use of its quality systems and processes, testing and checking procedures. Measurements are taken from the components manufactured and used to complete the required elements of PPAP.

The purpose of any PPAP is to:
  • Ensure that a supplier can meet the manufacturability and quality requirements of the parts supplied to the customer.
  • Provide evidence that the customer engineering design record and specification requirements are clearly understood and fulfilled by the supplier.
  • Demonstrate that the established manufacturing process has the potential to produce the part that consistently meets all requirements during the actual production run at the quoted production rate of the manufacturing process.

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