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Brandauer is an established provider of precision metal stamping solutions for electrification initiatives in the automotive and defence industries as well as electric motors, generators, transformers and winding system applications.

Seismic developments in the global market of automotive production make one thing clear: the world is moving towards vehicle electrification sooner rather than later and Brandauer is at the forefront of such developments.

Brandauer supply the ever-rising generation of electrical vehicles with electrical steel laminations. Brandauer have the facilities to stamp laminations as little as 0.1mm to 0.65mm thick and consistently accurate to within 20 microns. A human hair, for comparison, is 50 microns thick. With each motor requiring several laminations, the demand for Brandauer’s expertise is exponential. Loose, bonded or interlocked laminations, T-segments and ultra-thin components are available in all grades of electrical steel and it’s not only the motors in electric vehicles that benefit from this technology. Electrification is a trend closely associated with the manufacture of generators, magnetic coils and transformers and electrical steel laminations are part of the make-up in each and every one of those systems.

As well as actively supplying bespoke stator/rotor electrical steel laminations for the electrification of vehicles, Brandauer boast other notable projects including laminations for The FLIR Black Hornet PRS unit. The Black Hornet is a miniature military reconnaissance drone utilising Brandauer’s tiny laminations within its motors.

Furthermore, Brandauer’s state-of-the-art technology, tooling standards and design capabilities mean that components are available to exact and bespoke specifications – perfect for emerging markets in need of innovative new products.

Brandauer consistently work in high-spec materials, down to 0.05mm thickness and its specialist in-house tooling service can innovate automated solutions to fulfil the most challenging electrification briefs. This capability is of particular importance to the supply of stamping solutions for the electrification industry as complex and quality critical components are at the forefront of market growth.

Typical electrification stamping solutions and components

Typical material requirements and capability

  • Electrical Steel
  • Dedicated electrification stamping area
  • Established electrification project teams
  • Appropriate quality certifications
  • 45,000 sq ft facility
  • 150 billion parts per year capacity

Electrification stamping enquiry

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