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Quality Control

When stamping metal components to micron precision, quality is extremely important; the overall goal is for every stage of the manufacturing process from design through to manufacture and shipment to be completely defect free. For this to be the case, the most stringent quality standards are applied and adhered to.

If problems do occur, then a comprehensive 8D quality process to identify and deal with issues in real-time is critical.

Brandauer operate with numerous quality certifications in place for the stamping of precision metal components and the processes it must run in the design, manufacture and logistics processes. The most important requisite for assured quality standards in the industry are quality certifications from the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).  

Brandauer incorporate quality controls into every phase of a metal stamping project and is focused on prevention through quality inspection processes, where parts and tooling are monitored continually throughout the manufacturing process. Led by the Quality Control department, the entire factory makes the detection of problems and improvements an ongoing activity.

A multitude of advanced technology and systems are operated by Brandauer’s dedicated quality teams; from satisfying the demand for high accuracy and vast performance in the field of non-contact dimensional measurement to hardness testing, in-line inspection, traceability and computer aided analysis.

Expertise and technological investment ensure that stringent global standards for quality will exceed any client’s expectations.

Brandauer products supplied to customers and internal processes have been reviewed to identify the presence of any restricted substances. The link below is access to Brandauer’s statement on WEE, RoHS and REACH directives.

Quality control equipment list

Brandauer’s 45,000-square foot facility, allows for over 50 distinct components in production at any one time. With presses operating at 2,000 strokes per minute, you have the potential of millions of components a day at your disposal.

Quality Control

3 Mitutoyo Quick Vision Elf
2 OGP Smartscope Vantage
2 OGP Smartscope Snap
1 OGP MVP200
3 Mitutoyo Projectors with Digital Display
1 Bower Hardness Tester
1 Vickers Hardness Tester
1 Mitutoyo Toolmakers Microscope with Digital Readout & Camera
2 Stereo Microscopes

Micro sectioning Low Speed Diamond Saw and Polish Equipment
Force Gauge Testing Equipment
Digital Micrometers and Calipers
Digital Height Gauges
Various Product Specific Gauges
Programmable Digital Indicators
In line inspection
Statistics Software (inc. Measurelink & QC Cal)
SPC capability
Equipment traceable to National Standards
Starrett 330 Force Tester

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