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Brandauer is an established provider of precision metal stamping solutions for the electronics industry.

Presence in the electronics sector is vast and Brandauer is consistently providing critical components for a variety of electronics application requirements.

They include; compliance pins and EloPin® press-fit, complex non-ferrous interconnects and components for sensing applications, electrical connectors and EMC solutions.

Notable projects include press-fit pins that enable a solderless connection to a PCB.

As the only manufacturer in the UK with a license to supply EloPin® press-fit pins, coupled with a vast history and successful track record in the manufacture of various compliance pin forms and micron-precise components for the electronics industry, Brandauer are in prime position to satisfy the stamping solutions required for any project.

Brandauer consistently work in high-spec materials, down to 0.05mm thickness and its specialist in-house tooling service can innovate automated solutions to fulfil the most challenging electronics brief. This capability is of particular importance to the supply of electronics stamping solutions as an ever-evolving market becomes more complex and quality critical.

Typical electronics stamping solutions and components

Typical material requirements and capability

  • High Carbon Steels
  • Stainless Steels
  • Copper, Brass
  • Gold, Silver and Tin finishes
  • Hexavalent chromium free finishes
  • Dedicated electronics stamping area
  • Established electronics project teams
  • Appropriate quality certifications
  • 45,000 sq ft facility
  • 150 billion parts per year capacity

Electronics stamping enquiry

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