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EloPin® Press-Fit

Brandauer is the proud, full-service supplier and the only UK supplier of EloPin® Press-Fit.

A press-fit pin enables the solderless connection of the pins to a PCB. With elastically deformed or solid pins which are forced into the PCBs plated-through-holes with insertion-tools/machines, the result is a gas-tight and reliable connection between the press-fit-area of the pins and the PCB.

The EloPin® Press-Fit is a product developed by TBS Sorig, manufactured and distributed by several independent licensees.

As the only manufacturer in the UK with a license to supply EloPin®, coupled with a vast history and successful track record in the manufacture of various compliance pin forms, Brandauer are in prime position to satisfy all press-fit pin requirements.

  • Proven EloPin® technology partner
  • Over 20 years’ experience stamping press-fit
  • Process flexibility: Vertical/horizontal decoiling/recoiling
  • Quality: Precision strip & inline inspection
  • Proven supply chain for raw material with local selective plating
  • Bespoke CAD: 3 x VISI VERO 3D
  • In-house precision tooling partnership with Meusberger
  • Rapid lead times on standard tooling
  • Full service supplier
  • The only UK supplier of EloPin®

3 standard pin sizes available

Material Thickness
0.60 mm
0.80 mm
0.80 mm
PTH Nominal Ø1 Ø1.45Ø1.6
Press-in force max. 100 N 160 N 160 N
Press-in force typical 65 N115 N85 N
Push-out force min. 30 N40 N50 N
Push-out force typical60 N135 N105 N
Contact resistance
1 mΩ1 mΩ1 mΩ
Contact resistance
0.01 mΩ0.01 mΩ0.O1 mΩ
8 Anot tested³25 A
Approved to
DIN 60352-5

4 base materials

Application typeAutomotive
Power modulesTelecomms
Base material CuSn6CuNi3Si1Mg (K55)*Ø1.45CuCrAgFeTiSi (K88)*CuSn6 / K55*
Electrical Conductivity MS/m 925 469 / 25
Thermal Cond. W/(m·K) 75 190 32075 / 190
Surface Finish Sn100 on Ni Sn100 on Ni Sn100 on NiSn100 on Ni
Max. Usage Temperature 95°C 150°C150°C** 95°C / 150°C
EloPin® 06-10 (T nom=0.60 mm)
EloPin® 08-145 (T nom=0.80 mm)
EloPin® 08-16 (T nom=0.80 mm)
  • * Wieland Brand Name
  • ** Tested by some customers to 170°


Benefits of the EloPin® option

  • Low press-in force & high push-out force
  • High mechanical stability
  • Gas-tight, reliable connection
  • Temperature range: -40°C to 150°C
  • Low electrical resistance
  • High elasticity
  • Usable in over-moulded hybrid parts
  • No tin chips
  • High economic efficiency
  • RoHS compliant

About TBS Sorig

  • In partnership with Brandauer
  • License owner of EloPin®
  • Based in Germany
  • 20 years’ experience
  • A product developer

EloPin® Enquiry

Whatever the application, Brandauer has the in-house capabilities to supply press-fit pins to a client’s exact specification. You can outline your own exact specification by filling in the enquiry form below which also includes the facility to upload detailed drawings or relevant documents.

    If you have a drawing to upload to support your enquiry, please upload it here.