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Special Products Division (SPD)

The Special Products Division is an isolated manufacturing cell dedicated to the manufacture of one-off prototypes to small order quantities of up to 20,000 components. Brandauer’s Special Products Division capacity means that time-to-market pressures can be significantly reduced with fast turnarounds and prototyping.

R&D and low-volume projects can be fulfilled to a level of expertise that you can expect from Brandauer’s core business culture and competencies.

As well as projects spanning between one-off and 20,000 metal components, the Special Products Division supports contract assembly, CNC machining and its own cleaning processes.

All of this capability within a modern manufacturing cell that also boasts self-contained Quality Control and Tool Room facilities.

The impressive modern manufacturing cell boasts access to a range of capabilities and services from wire EDM, laser cutting, etching and blanking to access to a range of flexible power presses and the ability to 3D print fixtures for prototype assembly projects.

Whether the requirement is for a one off or the staged development of a process/component to higher volume, the Special Products Division delivers a turn-key package.

Division capabilities and services

Wire EDM
Laser cutting, etching and blanking (sub contract)
3-80 Tonne mechanical / hydraulic press range (with or without coil feed)
CNC machining
Self-contained Quality Control and Tool Room
Post-operation heat treatment, cleaning, selective plating and finishing
3D printing
Sub and final assemblies
Fly/toggle secondary op press range
Dedicated special prototype team
Multi-sector experienced engineers
Customer inventory management
Customer tooling management and tool transfer processes

SPD equipment & machinery list

Brandauer’s 45,000-square foot facility, allows for over 50 distinct components in production at any one time. With presses operating at 2,000 strokes per minute, you have the potential of millions of components a day at your disposal.

Special Products Division

1 Seyi 80 Tonne Power Press
2 Seyi 25 Tonne Gap Bed Power Press with CNC roll feed
4 Hand Presses (Secondary Op) and Tapping Machines
1 Hydraulic 5 Tonne Hare Press
2 Hydro-Pneumatic 5 Tonne Hare Press

1 3D Printer
1 Custom designed Electrox Workstation
D Box Raptor 1 Marking System
1 63 Tonne Hare Press
QH11D Serial Precision Shearing Machine
Frasertech Cleaning Plant
1 Mitutoyo Projectors with Digital Display


The Brandauer approach is essentially consultative, with in-house design experts that work where and when required with customers on specified drawings in a bid to reduce lead times and ensure efficient quick-turn production. Total confidentiality ensures first-to-market advantage remains secure throughout.

With Brandauer’s in-house wire erosion technology, and dedicated Special Products Division, the capability exists to rapidly produce prototype blanks with minimal financial outlay.

Bends and forms can be achieved using low-cost form tooling giving functional samples for initial concept evaluation quickly. Complex forms can be developed ‘off-line’ using prototype blanks, a process which can deliver genuine production quality prototypes.

With low cost prototyping at Brandauer’s disposal, the customer can trial a variety of raw materials in a variety of grades, tensile strengths and hardnesses, allowing them to fine tune the final specification.

Production can be optimized through process development, including layer wound strip for high volume production and bespoke in-line process such as cleaning, inspection, laser marking and welding.

Component and customer specific packaging can also be a crucial consideration when developing the process and is another area where Brandauer can offer support based on a wealth of experience.

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