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Electrical steel laminations

Brandauer’s high-demand electrical steel laminations are integral in some of the world’s most ambitious products. Whether it’s electric vehicles, renewables, defence or aerospace applications, Brandauer are an experienced and reliable partner.

Electrical steel laminations are supplied in prototype or serial production quantities to micron precision. Available in all grades of electrical steel, Brandauer laminations are proven in the efficient operation of electrical motors, generators, magnetic coils, transformers and more.

Brandauer’s state of the art technology means components are available to exact and bespoke specifications.

Brandauer manufacture loose, bonded or interlocked laminations, T-segments and bespoke ultra-thin gauge components. Some of the largest projects often rely on the smaller components like the laminations manufactured at Brandauer. If you’re looking for micro, Brandauer are the go-to experts.

Brandauer Electrical Steel Laminations
Brandauer Electrical Steel Laminations
Brandauer Electrical Steel Laminations
Brandauer Electrical Steel Laminations

Wide range of solutions to meet specific lamination requirements

With an established history of precision stamping across a wide range of materials, Brandauer are uniquely placed to offer stamping capabilities for the more challenging grades of electrical steel, including 0.10mm gauge, ultra-high silicon, NiFe and CoFe, plus the standard range of silicon and pole steels.

Using high quality progression and development tooling, the electrical steel laminations product range covers all requirements, including HEV and EV drives, renewable energy and aerospace and defence applications.

Product range

Stator and Rotor Laminations

Traditional use stator and rotor laminations for motors and generators, with the option to supply stator and rotor only and armature laminations

Segmented Laminations

T-segment laminations are increasingly being used to maximise raw material utilisation and winding density.

Specialist Laminations

A range of bespoke transformer and choke laminations, including EI, EE and T&U laminations. The range also extends to solenoid and shunt laminations and shims.


A range of stacking options are available, including interlocking, bonding and welding, with a program of continued investment in the latest technologies, processes and equipment.

Prototype Laminations

In-house Wire EDM capability to single micron tolerances and access to laser cutting.

Critical electrical steel lamination design considerations

From electric motors to generators, the latest direction is clear-cut and simple: lighter, smaller, smarter.

Designers in the field of electric motors and generators are up against various challenging design considerations. Optimal performance, economy and durability are crucial and to achieve this, designers are attempting to balance high strength, low weight, compactness and durability.

It is these qualities that Brandauer consistently mirror in the manufacture of its laminations – laminations that make new generation of new electric machines perform with greatest efficiencies. Brandauer stamp electrical steel laminations that are just 0.1mm to 0.65mm thick and consistently accurate to within just 20 microns.

Capacity for ambitious electrical steel lamination projects

Brandauer’s 45,000-square foot facility allows for up to 50 distinct components at any one time. With presses operating at 2,000 strokes per minute, the potential of millions of components per day is at your disposal.

If you need just a single prototype, you’re in just as good hands. The Special Products Division (SPD) can support one-off to 20,000 components. Equipped with the latest wire EDM technology and fully integrated with CAD/CAM software, Brandauer can support electrical steel lamination projects from design and prototyping all the way through to manufacturing and logistics.

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