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Supplying 90% of kettle connectors


Otter Controls


Electrical connectors




Otter Controls is a leading supplier of connectors for the small domestic appliances industry and when confronted with a challenging tool transfer concerning two specific electrical connectors for the use in base of kettles, Brandauer were their hand-picked preference and preferred solution.

The transfer was a sizeable task and one that was made more difficult by the fact that ongoing global supply requirements still had to be fulfilled. The transfer process commenced with a free 15 hour tool inspection service, developed to diagnose any issues with the existing tool and to ensure they could run in the Brandauer presses.

A number of dimensional problems were found and fixed by Brandauer, which were originally causing issues with quality and on time delivery. By working closely with Otter Controls personnel to manage the entire process in-house, Brandauer were able to give complete peace of mind to the client.

From inspection through to re-development and then full production, Brandauer and Otter maintained the close working relationship.

With confidence in the process and working relationship so high, Brandauer went from shipping via its UK headquarters to delivering direct to its Shenzen-based manufacturing facility. During the transfer, Otter Controls also engaged Brandauer as a technology partner for the development of a new welded contact production process.

Brandauer assembled a team which was sent to Austria to learn the process and after 3 months, bring the machine back to Brandauer’s factory in Birmingham, where it was in full production for 24 months.

The success of the process now means that the machine is up and running in Otter’s Derby facility.

“From the initial fact finding with Brandauer, it was clear that the company demonstrated great levels of professionalism across all areas of the business, including exceptional tooling and design capabilities.”

Brian Smith
Group Operations Director, Otter Controls

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