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Plumbing & water conservation


Plumbing & water conservation


Grab rings


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Brandauer is an established provider of components for the plumbing industry and requirements for projects involving water conservation.

Brandauer’s ongoing supply of grab rings for push-fit plumbing systems, used every day, all over the world are stamped in the millions every week at high speed and high precision.

These useful little components come in a number of diameters (from 6mm up to 80mm), design configurations and finishes that are integral in the features that enable a secure fitting of many of the world’s operational push fit plumbing fixtures, but they don’t come without their technical challenges. Challenges that Brandauer has mastered in over 25 years of their development and supply experiences.

The challenge

The quality of every stamped component is paramount and the challenge to meet stringent repeatability to micron tolerances in high tensile and often thick stainless steel must be met.

Without this repeatability at volume, defects such as flaking of the component’s sharp edges could occur and the ramifications of that could mean leaks and potential contamination of the water supply when fitted. The sustainability of these components also adds to the challenge with priorities in the industry set on reliability and longevity of products.

Water conservation is concerned with an effective method of sustainably managing the resource of fresh water and to meet the current and future human demand.

Population, household size, and growth and affluence all affect how much water is used and Brandauer are actively involved with methods in which the industry can combat these issues through the supply of innovative pressed metal parts and processes.

The methods

When stamping grab ring components to micron precision, the overall goal is for every stage of the process from tool design and manufacture, to stamping and shipment to be completely defect free. For this to be the case, the most stringent internal processes and quality standards are applied and adhered to.

Brandauer incorporate quality controls throughout every stage of the grab ring stamping process, applying preventative measures through its quality inspection processes, where parts and tooling are monitored continually throughout production.

Working only with approved raw material suppliers ensures the stainless steel used is not only cost effective, reliably sourced, but also within the fine tolerance bands required, which has become paramount to the technology transfer Brandauer provide.

Stamping such components, in high volume, and to tight micron tolerances is a technical feat but this is also Brandauer’s core competency – it’s speciality. This stamping discipline comes after decades of experience and industry-specific know-how, continual investment in the latest production technology, and all within the context of the most modern and innovative manufacturing processes and business management systems.

Brandauer’s continuously evolving service has generated the capability for specific cost saving measures and extended tool life guarantees. In fact, when it comes to cost, Brandauer can boast recent examples of modular precision stamping dies that are guaranteed a life of 300,000,000 pieces with the calculated tool costing less than £0.0003 per part produced!

The results

Brandauer consistently work in high-spec materials, pushing the boundaries with finely tolerance stainless steel and its specialist in-house tooling service innovate automated solutions to fulfil the most challenging plumbing and water conservation briefs.

Today, Brandauer stamps approximately eight million components for the plumbing industry every month and has been for over 25 years. This experience is recognised in the industry and Brandauer’s reputation has been built on its reliability.

Whilst the components are relatively small and hidden in a finished system, they are doing a crucial job to combat leakages by securing fittings safely and because every component is defect free, they’re doing their part to ensure that push-fit plumbing systems continue to be easy and efficient to install, not to mention last a lifetime.

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